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Quench Your Thirst with Our
Extensive List of 32 Beers on Tap

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Anchor California Lager

Lager , Flavorful, Crisp, 6.00

Anchor Steam

Ale, SF’s Finest Ale, Crisp, 6.00

Deschutes Black Butte

Porter, Dark, Balanced, 6.00

Deschutes Mirror Pond

Pale Ale, Smooth, Refreshing, 6.00

Firestone Pale 31

Pale Ale, Dry, Hopped, 6.00

Goose Island Matilda (10 oz)

Belgian Style Ale, Wild, Spicy Yeast Flavor…TOP SHELF 8.00!

Lagunitas IPA

Indian Pale Ale, Hoppy, Big Flavor, 6.00

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA

Indian Pale Ale, Multi-Hop, Balanced Perfection, 6.00

Peak Organic Nut Brown

Nut Brown Ale,  Fantastic Nutty Finish, 6.50

Red Hook ESB

Ale, Smooth, Easy, 6.00

Shock Top

Wheat Ale, Cloudy, Citrus Peel, 6.00

Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA

Indian Pale Ale, Huge Hop, Clean Finish, 6.00

Speakeasy Prohibition Ale

Ale, Perfect Balance, Hoppy, 6.00

Trumer Pils

Pilsner Lager, Full Body, Smooth, 6.00

Widmer Hefeweizen

Ale, Clean, Very Lightly Hopped, 6.00


Imported Beers


Ale High Quality, Creamy 6.00

Estaminet Pils

Belgian Pilsner, Smooth, Very Clean Finish, 6.50


Stout Deceivingly Light 6.00


Lager Clean, Crisp 6.00


Belgian White Ale Smooth, Creamy 7.00

Leffe Blond

Belgian Ale Fruit Aroma, Full Body 7.00

Rodenbach Grand Cru

Belgian Sour Ale, Sour, Tart, Crisp, WOW!!!, 8.00


Ale Irish, Smooth 6.00

Stella Artois

Ale Clean, Crisp 6.00

Domestic Beers


Lager, Smooth Body, 4.50

Bud Light

Light Lager, Light, Crisp, 4.50

Coors Light

Light Lager, 4.50

Ask your server about our seasonal beers!

Ace Cider

Cider, Sweet Pear, 6.00

Magners Cider

Irish Cider, Quenching, Refreshing, 6.00


Cider or Ale, Ask Server, 6.00